In the past, I wrote about the ACLU stalking me. Well, they sent me another email, at least this time to the correct email address.

Let’s dissect their email:

Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 12:40:09 -0600

From: ACLU of Massachusetts

To: me

Subject: The real scandal is the attack on our privacy

Get involved to protect your privacy – because privacy can’t protect itself

Here’s the first tracking link. It look innocent enough. They link to their own domain name. Oh wait, they don’t. The ACLU of Massachusetts is This links to (lack of an m). Where does really go?

host is an alias for has address is an alias to Who is They are a marketing technology firm, enabling tracking, detailed analysis of click tracking via email marketing. They have a no privacy policy. Seriously, read that policy. They love you and respect your privacy, except no, they collect, collate, and sell every interaction in every way possible.

Back to the ACLUM email, talking about privacy attacks of all things! HA!

The real scandal is the attack on our privacy Privacy means controlling information about you! Act now to take it back!

General Petraeus found out the hard way. You don’t have to be doing anything illegal for the FBI to go through your Google account.

And if it can happen to the director of the CIA, it can surely happen to We the People.

Notice how the first link was to “qs=2f5f74c3616fe6c49be14fb3b5e85c966e1d2bd5e9f3f7fb722c096cf04a4b92” and this on is to “2f5f74c3616fe6c476804c61e2c42f265c81ce33040d3fde48e2b48ec9b7f7e5”

They both go to the same place, but now ACLUM and ExactTarget, and all 3rd parties on both sites, learn which link I clicked in the email.

Take action now: Tell MA lawmakers to make privacy a priority!

We’ve been hearing enough about the Petraeus affair to make our ears numb, but the media is largely missing the major story: our email accounts, our smart phones, the GPS data showing everywhere we > go–they shouldn’t be open for government inspection.

Massachusetts lawmakers need to make it crystal clear–law enforcement must get a warrant before poking around in our digital lives.

Tell ’em: If the police want to track me, they need to get a warrant!

And a 3rd unique link. It goes to the same place as the other two.

Know anyone with a cell phone or computer? (Know anyone without one?) Let’s put the power of technology to use for privacy. If you’ve already taken action, invite 5 friends to join our growing movement!

Thank you,

The ACLU of Massachusetts Legislative Team


Connect with the ACLU:





~~~ We value your privacy. Read our Privacy Statement online at

This email was sent to me. If you no longer wish to receive these updates or would like to modify your subscription preferences, visit the Subscriber Center at

The rest of the links go to unique destinations. I will guarantee you that my links are unique to me. If you click on these links in this post, ACLUM, ACLU, and ExactTarget all learn that the email to me was the source of the link. If I forward this email to friends saying “OMG PRIVACY!!!!1111”, the ACLU, ACLUM, and ExactTarget all have a chance to build a social network about who clicked on which links from my email. They learn you’re tied to me and they learn your IP address. From the IP address they can learn where you live, down to the street level in most cases, your ISP, and the timestamp you clicked on the link. If you register they can tie all of that data to you personally. And then, there is a coupling in some database of you and I.

Ahh, but the content of the ACLUM message is about the government doing this, that’s just wrong! Right? But somehow it’s ok if the ACLUM and ACLU do it, because they aren’t the government. Double standards galore. I’d be more likely to click on the links if I knew the ACLUM ran its own infrastructure and actually protected my data. However, the ACLUM and ACLU have a no-privacy policy as well.

My answer to all of this was to flag it as SPAM and delete it.