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#Welcome to

## About me

This domain first existed in 1995. The [Internet Archive Wayback
Machine](*/ can provide
you with select iterations of the site. I'm a trained Biologist with
specialization in Ethology and Biochemistry. I've also been surrounded
by computers of various kinds since I was a kid. My mad computer
scientist lab doubled as a bedroom throughout my teenage years;
containing such variety as [Vax &
Micro/Minis](, Amstrad, AIX PowerPCs,
SGI IRIX MIPS, Sun SPARCs, and for a while, an original
[BeBox]( Since then I've studied
the communication and brooding behavior of the Common Loon (*Gavia
immer*), the underwater communications of the African Hippopotamus
(*Hippopotamus amphibius*), and assisted [Mass Fish &
Wildlife]( efforts to bring the Bald Eagle
back to Massachusetts.

I worked for a few multi-national companies over my career. They were
happy to fly me around the world and have me work in such places as
Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines. After a while I moved on to
found and sell a few companies, such as [Open Systems Engineering &
[Boston Biofuels](, and a niche auto racing
business, [ZombieWerks](

Currently, I run [The Tor Project]( as the
Executive Director and a member of the Board. I'm on the Board of the
[Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Symposium](, which brings together anonymity and
privacy experts from around the world to discuss recent advances and new
perspectives in privacy for the Internet and other communication

I'm a strong believer of individual rights, privacy, anonymity, and
solving real-world problems; sometimes even with technology. 

If you wish to contact me, please use [encrypted email](0x6B4D6475), [text messaging](, or [phone](


## Latest Posts

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## All Ramblings

[Rambling Thoughts](/blog/)

## About the logo

The logo is an SVG file of [Edward
England]('s flag from
around 1717 - 1720.

## About the wiki

This wiki is so I can learn haskell and play around with git on my own.

If you hit this via [https](, then you want this info below:
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