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# Welcome to

This is mostly for my own internal usage.

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# About me

<h1 id='welcome'>Welcome!</h1>

<p>This domain first existed in 1995. The <a
Archive Wayback Machine</a> can provide you with select iterations
of the site. I'm a trained Biologist with specialization
in Ethology and Biochemistry. I've also been surrounded
by computers of various kinds since I was a kid. My mad computer
scientist lab doubled as a bedroom throughout my teenage years;
containing such variety as <a href="">Vax
&amp; Micro/Minis</a>, Amstrad, AIX PowerPCs, SGI
IRIX MIPS, Sun SPARCs, and for a while, an original <a
href="">BeBox</a>. Since then
I've studied the communication and brooding behavior of the
Common Loon (<i>Gavia immer</i>), the underwater communications of the
African Hippopotamus (<i>Hippopotamus amphibius</i>), and assisted <a
href="">Mass Fish &amp; Game</a> efforts to
bring the Bald Eagle back to Massachusetts.</p>

<p>I worked for a few multi-national companies over my career. They
were happy to fly me around the world and have me work in such
places as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines. After a
while I moved on to found and sell a few companies, such as <a
Systems Engineering &amp; Management</a>, <a
href="">Boston Biofuels</a>, and a niche auto
racing business, <a href="">ZombieWerks</a>.</p>

<p>Currently, I run <a href="">The Tor
Project</a> as the Executive Director and a member of the Board. I'm
an advisor to the <a href="">Open
Security Foundation</a>, which exists to empower all types
of organizations by providing knowledge and resources
so that they may properly detect, protect, and mitigate
information security risks. I'm on the Board of the <a
href="">Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Symposium</a>, which brings together anonymity and privacy experts from
around the world to discuss recent advances and new perspectives in
privacy for the Internet and other communication networks.</p>

<p>I'm a strong believer of individual rights, privacy, anonymity,
and solving real-world problems; sometimes even with technology. If you
wish to contact me, please use <a href="0x6B4D6475.gpg">my pgp
key</a>. Thanks!</p>