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Welcome to Andrew Lewman’s wiki

About Andrew

Learn all about me at


My contact and chat information can be found at Press and Contact


I blog at Rambling Thoughts.

Photo galleries

I travel around the world, often. I post my photos in my photo gallery.

Google Scholar

My Google Scholar profile.


Sometimes, I even write code.

The logo is an SVG file of Edward England’s flag from around 1717 - 1720.

About the wiki

This wiki exists so I can learn haskell and play around with git on my own.

If you hit this via https, then you want this info below:

  • Serial Number: 00:E0:9D:5E:21:F3:10:8E:D8
  • SHA1 Fingerprint: e8cc2c2e2631d67e20decd5e6c4cdee67b98268e